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Healing is an important part of our Metaphysical teachings and our ministry. We believe that it is possible to channel and direct healing energy wherever it is needed. We don’t pray for healing with specific intent, but rather, we ask that it serve the highest good for all concerned.

Healing can be achieved in many ways, and in more than just a physical context: our minds and thoughts, our outlook, our attitude, our emotions, our environment, and even our job. The people, places and things that we know, love and depend on, and so many other aspects of our existence can need healing at any time. All we need to do is ask.

Healing at WMC

At the Washington Metaphysical Church, we express this in our healing ministry. A half-hour before each worship service, we offer Spiritual Healing for anyone who feels that they are in need. We also offer healing meditation and prayers as part of each week’s service.

At the Metaphysical Learning Center, we maintain a healing book, and we offer a healing meditation every Tuesday night, which we do in conjunction with other churches and organizations to send out prayers and energy of healing wherever it is needed in our Universe. All are welcome to participate in these events. (Visit our Classes page for specific details)

Healing List

Healing BookBoth the center and the church maintain Healing Books, which we use to send healing energy and prayers to anyone in need of healing of mind, body and spirit. If you have someone you would like to send healing energy to, please send us their name (names are not posted publicly) by using the Healing Request form at the top of this page. When you send your request, we will add the names to our healing book for inclusion in our prayers. You can also click here to send us an e-mail. This Healing Request form can also be accessed in the menu panel of our home page.

PDF Download our “Mediumship and Spiritual Healing pamphlet (PDF Document)